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We just visited the Luokeng School to meet our sponsored students and to wish them a good start of the school year.


In this new school year, we≈re sponsoring 20 Yao minority school children for their food and board.  A higher number of grade 8 and 9 students participated in the program this year.  With this change, we hope to provide these students a better environment to prepare for the high school entrance exams.    (Otherwise, they would have stayed in their rented space outside of the school.)

We≈re also proud to start sponsoring 3 minority alumni from Luokeng School for their tuition, food and board in the high school.   Unlike elementary and middle school, there≈s a school tuition and we hope that our sponsorship can help to alleviate the burden on their families as high schools charge tuition.  These 3 students have had good scores in the high school entrance exam in order to be admitted into the high school.

Special thanks to Xiong and Shanna who went with me in the trip!  The students love them!





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